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Feb 17, 2018

What Does End-of-Support Mean?


Edited: Oct 11

Our v11 software for PCs went "end-of-support" on May 31, 2018.


What is End-of-Support?

"End of Support" means that we have stopped updating the product, distributing the product and ceased providing any form of support.


Why do developers do this to software products?

The reality is that maintaining older software costs time and money. The older the software gets, the more time/money gets spent on maintaining it. Consequently, we need to put a cut-off date on our older editions so that we can move our efforts on to current developments. We did this for previous editions of the software and v11 is no different.


For more details on why we made this decision see The Future of Cricket Statz


Will the product keep functioning?

Yes, we expect the v11 software to keep functioning beyond the end of support date.


Some future events that may cause some problems include (a) the MyCricket and Play-cricket import may cease to function if these 3rd party services change their web formats, (b) the product may stop installing or cease to function if Microsoft were to release a new edition of Windows or change the code libraries that the product uses, (c) the Publish Online functions may cease to operate or (d) the product may stop installing if Windows or antivirus programs cease to recognise it as a valid application.


Note that this is not an exhaustive list and other factors may cause the product to fail at a future time.


Will we be releasing any new builds after the end-of-support date?

We have no plans for any fixes or new build releases going forward.


What risks am I taking if I keep using the v11 product?

The biggest risk is that one day your PC or laptop dies and you are unable to re-install the product. This may happen without any warning. When this happens then you will be unable to produce any reports for your league or club.


What is the upgrade path from v11?

All users should move their PC database to our Cricket Statz (online) system. Cricket Statz online is the natural upgrade path for users of v11 and earlier PC editions. It has all the functions of the v11 software (plus a lot more), except that you access it via your internet browser rather than installing software. It even works on Macs!


Migrating to the online system is easy. Send your .CSD database file to us at and we will do the initial database migration for you for free once you subscribe to the online service.

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  • Victor Isaacs
    3 days ago

    Hi Mark, After all this time my old laptop has died on me and with my sons help I purchased a Chrome Book laptop (compact and not too heavy). However I have been having an issue in using the Chrome Browser supplied. I am able to get into my admin section of CZ, but trying to look at stats/players/matches etc in the open public site it wont let me: I can get However when I say click on players There is a pre message saying Not secure. And will not let me view any. Do you have any idea on this please ? Thanks
  • Kevin Mitchell
    Nov 8

    I am trying to import matches from Play Cricket to the database - however, it doesn't seem to be working. It seems to get stuck if there is a player/official not in the database - I've tried the 'Quick Add' but the match won't upload any further.
  • Rameaze Raza
    Oct 29

    I notice an issue with the historical stats we imported into the system. Players that have since changed club cannot see their stats on their current profile page. Their profile page only have their stats from their current team; however if they view their profile from the league page their complete stats is visible. Can you look into this for me please.

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