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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Why does my player not show in the selection list on the scorecard but shows in the list of players?

It will be either that the player is not assigned to the respective club or they are set as inactive. Check the player's "Current Club" field in their player record by clicking on Players in the top menu and then Details next to the specific player. Also, check that the player is active in the player record by ensuring their "Active" field is checked. If the players still don't show then check that the teams are actually members of the correct clubs via Teams/Details.


Q2. What should I do to secure my Cricket Statz database?

Some helpful tips on how to improve security of your database:

  1. Don't share generic email accounts/passwords amongst groups of users - create a single user record for each individual user (it is more secure and you will be able to audit exactly who has edited what)

  2. Use a unique password (one that isn't used elsewhere) for your login and use a password manager to help you remember it

  3. Don't give users more access than they need - give only the minimum access level required

  4. Remove users that no longer need access

Q3. I have 1000 matches in my database over many seasons. Does that mean I need to subscribe to the 1000 match subscription level?

No, you only need to subscribe to the number of matches that you expect to play over your 12 month subscription period. Results from matches played prior to the start of your current subscription period are included at no extra charge.


Q4. I have just entered a match but the stats from that match aren't included in reports. How do I get them to show?

Matches need to be "Approved" before the the stats from the match appear in any of the reports. Go into the match details via the admin panel, check the "locked/approved" check box and hit save. We have this function so that you can add other users to the system to help you enter scorecards while you retain control over what is approved.


Q5. How do I enter a batter retirement so that partnerships are calculated correctly?

For retired (not out): Set their howout to "retired" and enter the current wickets fallen and team score in the Retirements section of the scorecard for each batter that retires (not out). For example, if an opener retires with team score 50 and no wicket has fallen then they retire at FOW 0/score 50. If another batter retires when 2 wickets have already fallen and the team score is 100 then they retire at FOW 2/score 100. If the retiring batter does not return then you can safely leave the "returns at" section blank. Do not enter anything in the normal FOW section for retired not out batters.


For retired (out): Set their howout to "retired out" and enter their FOW as normal. Do not enter such players in the retirement section.

Q6. How can I copy my data from Cricket Statz?

All stats reports can be copied to a spreadsheet where you can save the stats for your own safe-keeping. See our guide on how to do this. The complete player summary report (from the admin panel reports function) is a full report of the stats for all of your players and is a great way to backup your stats offline. Other reports such as match scorecards or player pages can also be copied using the same process. Alternatively, all stats and match reports can be printed to a PDF file for safe keeping via the print function in your browser.

Those with access level 8 can also download a JSON extract of your entire database by selecting Setup/Extract from the admin panel. This is an extract of the database in a human-readable JSON format for your own records. It can be opened by any text file viewer such as Notepad. It is recommended to do this regularly and store it safely. Note that it cannot be used to restore the online database.


Q7. Can Cricket Statz import matches from PlayHQ, PlayCricket (Aus), Play-Cricket (Eng), CricHQ, Cricket Archive or

Yes! This can be done from the admin panel. Choose Import from the top menu to get started. More details

Q8. Where can I increase or decrease the number of players on a scorecard?

You can do this on a division by division basis. Go into the admin panel, click Setup and then Divisions. Edit your division and you will be able to choose the maximum number of players on a scorecard.


Q9. How does Cricket Statz backup work and what are our obligations?

The Cricket Statz system will do an automated database backup daily. This is aimed at providing restore points for all databases in the event of a system failure. In simple terms, if the Cricket Statz system fails then we will restore all data but may lose any matches or records entered after the latest daily backup point.


Note that this does not protect against your users deleting matches or any other records. Record deletion within the system cannot be automatically restored. If you or your users delete a match then you will need to re-enter it if you wish to have it restored. Consequently, we encourage users to keep external records of their matches and to do a regular extract of the online database - see Q6 for further details on how to do an extract.


Q10. Subscription plans are based on the maximum number of matches played. How is this calculated?

The system will count the number of matches that are in the database from the start of your current subscription period through to the current day. If this count exceeds your annual plan level then you will not be able to edit or import any matches until you increase your plan level. You can see your subscription period, the matches played since and a usage bar at the top of the Purchase page within the admin panel.  See Q14 for what you can do when you reach your match limit.

Q11. When I import a match, the team/player/division/venue name in Cricket Statz does not match the import data and the import ends with a "cannot find" message. How do I fix this?

There is a field in the team/player/division/venue records called an "alias". You can find the alias field when you edit the respective record. The alias field is used to help match names during a match import. For example, if the division name in your database is "A Grade" but the import data is "Grade A" then you can set the alias for that division to be "Grade A" to allow it to be matched (just don't put any quotes around it when you enter it). You only need to set up the alias once and all subsequent matches will automatically assign it to that record. An alias can also solve the problem of import names that exceed the maximum field length. Aliases are not case sensitive. Multiple aliases can be entered - separate them with a semicolon (;) with no spaces either side.


Q12. What is the difference between clubs and teams and how should I name my teams?

A club is a collection of one or more teams. A club will have a name such as "Easts Cricket Club". Within a club, you will have one or more teams. For example, you may have an "Easts 1sts", "Easts 2nds", "Easts Juniors". If you have only one team then you will probably just name the team "Easts". Each of the teams will have their own team list and each team will be a member of a given Club.

Q13. What happens when my annual subscription expires?

All of your match data will still be in our database for 12 months from expiry but the reports will cease showing any data until you renew your subscription to the service. Your database will be permanently deleted some time after 12 months of expiry. Tip: if you have an old database that you wish to keep around, and you are not entering any new matches, then you only need to purchase the smallest annual subscription to keep the reports visible.

Q14. What if reach my annual match limit?

A subscription plan provides you with a maximum number of matches that can be played over a twelve month subscription period - see Q10 for details on how this is calculated. If you reach or exceed this maximum number of matches during the course of your subscription year then the system will no longer allow you to import or edit any match in the database until you increase your subscription plan (or, for multi-year subscriptions, until your current subscription period resets). You can purchase a mid-term plan upgrade to increase your match limit via the Purchase button from within the admin panel. The mid-term upgrade fee is calculated as the difference between the cost of your current plan and the next higher plan plus a $9 payment fee. Note that the mid-term upgrade only increases your current match limit - it will not reset your match count or extend your current subscription period.

Q15. How can I add an additional database?

Go into Setup/Create New Database in the admin panel to add a new database. You will be able to move between your databases by using the "Switch" button from within the admin panel. Note: You will need to subscribe to the new database independently of any others that you may have.

Q16. How do I add a logo to my public web site or a photo to a player page?

For web site logos: Go into Setup/Web Files and click on "Upload a new Image or Document". Upload your logo image noting the file size and type restrictions. Try to use a logo with a transparent background and height of 64px. Next to your new image is a file path - it will be something like /ss/upload/filename.png where filename will be a unique name of your file - copy this path to your clipboard (select, right click, copy). Go into Setup/Web Items and paste the path (right click, paste) into the "Logo URL" field at the bottom. If done correctly, the logo will appear in the white box. Click 'Update'.


For photos on player pages: Go into Setup/Web Files and click on "Upload a new Image or Document". Upload your player photo noting the file size and type restrictions. Next to your new image is a file path - it will be something like /ss/upload/filename.png where filename will be a unique name of your file - copy this path to your clipboard (select, right click, copy). Go into the corresponding Player details screen and paste the path (right click, paste) into the "Photo URL" field. Alternatively, if you have player photos hosted on external URLs then simply post the full URL in this field. If done correctly, the photo will appear in the white box. Click 'Update'.

Q17. I am running the old PC-based software and I am concerned that it is no longer supported. How can I move my stats online?

Cricket Statz (online) has a historical data manager function that will allow you to enter summary stats for your historical data. Running the complete player summary report in the old PC software will give you this summary data. See the Managing Historical Data guide for details. Note that, after more than 5 years of operation, the old database migration service ended on the 5th May 2023 and is no longer available.

Q18. How does the MVP points system work?

The MVP points system allows you to assign most valuable player (MVP) points on a match by match basis. First off you need to make sure you have MVP points enabled in the division settings - you can do this via Setup/Divisions and click 'details' next to the division. Once enabled, a new column will appear on each match scorecard - allowing you to assign MVP points to each player on a match by match basis. You can use this to assign a player of the match by giving them 1 point. Alternatively you can assign more points based on the player's match/innings performance. You can then view the points via the MVP Points report. This can be filtered by season or date range.

Also, check out the separate "Player Points" report in the admin panel/Reports section where you can assign points to runs, wickets, catches, etc and it will auto-calculate the total points.

Q19. How is the best way to get help/support?

Support is provided via the support forum. Post your questions or issues up in the forum and they will get a prompt response. Note that you will need to separately register to be able to post on the forum - the forum is provided by a 3rd party and does not share an account with the admin panel. Alternatively, if you have info that you consider private and don't want it posted in public then use the contact form.

Support is not provided via email or phone. If you email us with a support question then you will be asked to post it on the forum.


Q20. If an existing player changes clubs then what should I do in the system?

Just edit their player record and change their "current club" to the new club. That is all you need to do. Their playing history will still be associated with their old club and team. Definitely do not create a duplicate player record for them and do not delete their old player record.


Q21. I have old match data that just lists the teams played, total wickets, total runs scored and match result. No individual player scores. How can I enter this?

Create the match fixture as normal. Update the match details with the match result. For each innings use the Innings Override fields at the bottom of the innings scorecard entry page to record the innings wickets and runs. You don't need to enter any individual batting or bowling results - just leave these blank.


Q22. Our club/league used Cricket Statz in the past but stopped some time back. How can I get access to my old stats?

You need to contact the administrator of your club/league and ask them for your old stats. Administrators typically make a copy of their stats for record-keeping purposes before their subscription expires. Unfortunately. once a database expires then stats reports can no longer be run via our system and expired databases are deleted sometime after 12 months of expiry.

Q23. How do I ensure the Net Run Rate (NRR) is calculated correctly on the points table report?

Firstly, for all limited overs matches, you need to ensure the Max Overs field on each innings is set correctly. If it is set to 0 then it will not calculate the NRR correctly. If a match has reduced overs due to a delayed start or a delay in innings 1 then simply reduce the Max Overs entry in the innings to the new reduced overs value.  If a match has had a delay in innings 2 and the 2nd batting team is given a new target then enter the runs and overs in the D/L Revised Target fields on the match details page. If a match is abandoned in the 2nd innings and a result is determined by D/L then enter the 1st batting team's D/L par score on the match details page.

Q24. We are a very small club. What are our subscription options? 

Our smallest plan on offer - the Small Club plan - is the solution for you. It is designed for clubs with up to 4 teams and gives you ample matches per year. The Small Club plan is the most affordable plan available. See pricing.

Q25. How can I anonymise a player record when they request it?

The recommended approach is to change their last name in their player record to something like "anon" or "****" and their first name to a number such as 12345. The number should be unique to each anonymised player so that their stats don't all get aggregated. Keep a private record of this number. It is not recommended to have a single common record for all anonymised players since that record would top all the aggregate stats.

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