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Using the Batting Order Optimiser

Cricket Statz features a batting order optimiser function that selects the most optimal batting order based on individual's batting performance at various batting positions. It does this by first calculating an average score at each position by batter and then trying millions of combinations to find the batting order that yields the highest result. This is a great tool for teams to give them the edge in batting performance.

Step 1 - Logging In
Log in to Cricket Statz administration at 

Step 2 - Setting Up the Players in the Team
You need to set up your team list so the batting order optimiser knows which players it can choose from.

Select Teams from the admin panel top menu and then select the Edit Team List icon next to the respective team.  You will be taken to the team selection screen. You can move players to the team by selecting the player on the left side and then hitting the >> button to move them into the team.

The Batting Order Optimiser will select the top 7 batters and place them in optimal batting order so you should have at least 7 players in the given team list. It will not look beyond the first 15 team players so avoid adding too many players. Ideally you should make sure the team list features the regular 11 team players.

Step 3 - Running the Report
Select Reports from the admin panel top menu. Select the Batting Order Optimiser report from the batting reports section in the pick list.

You then need to ensure that the specific team is selected in the Team filter (scroll down the filters to find the team filter). It is also recommended that you limit the date range so that it looks at only recent performance - typically choose the last 12 months as a good starting point. 

Hit Run Report to generate the Batting Order Optimiser report for the selected team.  It will show the optimal batting order and look something like this:


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