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Entering Match Scorecards

This is a guide to help users with the process to enter a scorecard.  It assumes that match fixtures have already been entered.

Step 1 - Login

Login to the admin panel. Your username is your email address and your password would have been emailed to you when you were set up as a user.  If you can't find your password then try the Lost Password link on this login page.

Step 2 - Find your match

You will open up into the list of matches.  Find the match that you need to enter the results for using the search option and page buttons.

Step 3 - Match Results

Click on the Edit Results icon (the trophy icon) next to the match to update the overall match results - including margin, captains, keepers and match result.

Step 4 - Innings scorecards

Click on the Details button next to the innings that you wish to update. Be sure to have the correct batting team selected before you do this since the batting line up will automatically populate based on your team list for that team.

Enter batters, fielders, bowlers, scores, extras, FOW etc.

Enter the first two letters of the player's name in the player text boxes to search for the player. If you are unable to find the player in the selection list then you may need to have the player added to the club or have the player made 'active'.  If you have access, you can do both of these by editing the player record by clicking on Players on the top menu. If you don't have access to add players then you will need to ask your administrator to set up the players for you.

If you are running a limited overs competition then be sure to enter the Max Overs field since it is required for correct Net Run Rate calculations.

Tip for those operating the system as a single club - you don't need to enter the opposition's player names - these can be left blank.

Hit save and repeat this step for all subsequent innings.

Step 5 - Reviewing and saving the match

You will be taken back to the match results screen.  You can check the batting and bowling totals for each innings to ensure they match.

If you have access, you can approve the match by checking the "Approve" checkbox. Once this is done then statistics for that match will be included in reports.

Once you are happy with the results, click Save to save the match and return to the match list screen.

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