Managing Historical Data

Cricket Statz features the ability to allow historical summary data, such as top run scores or season aggregates, to be included in the player's statistics. This allows administrators to include historical summary data without having to enter full historical match scorecards.

There are four types of historical data that the system can capture:

  1. Career or season aggregates - career runs, wickets, catches, matches, etc.

  2. Specific run scores

  3. Specific best bowling in an innings/match

  4. Specific partnership scores

How to enter the historical data

Historical data can be manually entered via the Setup/History screen in the admin panel.  Click the "Add a new entry" link to enter a new historical data record.

Alternatively, historical data can be imported from a CSV file which is a file you can prepare in Microsoft Excel.  A CSV file is a text file that has data separated by commas.  It is a "save-as" option in Excel. Cricket Statz looks for specific column formats - click on "Import CSV" link at the top of the Setup/History page and you will see the column formats.

The reports that will include historical data

  • Season or aggregate data will appear in aggregate reports such as top run aggregates, most runs in a season, top wicket takers, most wickets in a season, complete player summary reports and individual player pages

  • Run Score data will appear in the top run score reports 

  • Best bowling data will appear in the best bowling in an innings report

  • Partnership data will appear in the partnership reports

Reports that don't use historical data include: most wins report, any of the "- in a match" reports.

Special Notes

  1. Checking "Career Stats" in the runs, wickets, matches/catches aggregate history entries will set the year as 9999 and stats will only be included where the report end date range is the year 9999.

  2. Aggregates are additive - meaning that if you also have matches entered for the same period then these aggregate stats will add-on to the match stats.  They do not substitute for match stats.