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Dec 30, 2017

The Future of Cricket Statz


Edited: Sep 9

After nearly 21 years of producing our Cricket Statz software, I wanted to share some thoughts on where the future lies.


Cricket Statz was first developed in 1997, back when the internet was in its infancy and PC's were everywhere. I was playing local club cricket at the time and saw that the game needed some good stats software so that we all could produce stats like what was seen at international level. Cricket Statz was born.


Some 21 years later, Cricket Statz v11 is still serving those with a PC, but technology has moved on. Several things have happened with technology over the past few years. Mobile devices are now becoming more prevalent than desktop computers. Macs have taken a larger share of the desktop market. Users having to "download and install PC software" is becoming less common because of the potential to become infected with malware and restrictions by antivirus programs. Software piracy is also an ongoing challenge.


The consequence of all this is that having a (PC) software program as the only delivery method is fast becoming history.


Where does this leave the Cricket Statz software? We recently did a review of where our Cricket Statz technology is at and decided that we need to focus in bringing all of the Cricket Statz functionality online. Moving online would allow any internet-enabled device to access the stats that we all have grown to love, regardless of its operating system. It will also help all of those out there that struggle with computers - especially with regards to trying to find database files to load and backup. Trust me, I get a large volume of emails from poor souls asking for help with understanding the file system on their PC.


Now fortunately, we had a head start. Back in 2005, we launched SportStatz - designed as an online match results capture system that could export MXP files to the Cricket Statz software. Over the past 12 years, we have been adding more and more functionality to this system to the point where it is a solid online results and stats system. You would have noticed that we renamed it from SportStatz to Cricket Statz online some months back and have been adding a ton of new stats reports to it.


Cricket Statz online now has over 45 stats reports (and it is growing by the week), historical data capabilities, works for both leagues and single clubs, has a live scoring function built-in, is fully backed up twice weekly, allows you to embed results and stats reports in your own web site, is true multi-user and works on any internet-enabled device.


Cricket Statz online is the future of Cricket Statz going forward. The online system features similar functionality of the v11 software, but also offers a lot more.


What does this mean for the software? The v11 software is very stable and works well. However, Cricket Statz v11 will be going end of support on June 1, 2018. This means we will not be assisting with any issues or adding any new features after this date. [updated]


Consequently, we are strongly encouraging users to move their Cricket Statz software database to our Cricket Statz online system. Moving to our online system is just like using the Cricket Statz software, except you do it all via your browser. The online system is the natural upgrade path for v11 users.


If you would like to move online then subscribe to the online service and then email your .CSD database file to us at - we will publish it online for you.


Once online, you are able to add more users and enter matches directly in to the online service. The cost of the Cricket Statz online service is very similar to the ongoing costs of the software (the initial software purchase cost and the regular software upgrade costs).


Annual pricing for the service is based on the number of matches that have been played over the past 12 months. Historical matches, played more than one year ago, don't cost anything. There is no limit to the number of users you can add and adding more users does not cost you anything extra.


If there is anything you would like to see added to Cricket Statz online then please post it up in the suggestion forum. We are actively working on suggestions and we prioritise popular suggestions.

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  • Victor Isaacs
    5 days ago

    Hi Mark, After all this time my old laptop has died on me and with my sons help I purchased a Chrome Book laptop (compact and not too heavy). However I have been having an issue in using the Chrome Browser supplied. I am able to get into my admin section of CZ, but trying to look at stats/players/matches etc in the open public site it wont let me: I can get However when I say click on players There is a pre message saying Not secure. And will not let me view any. Do you have any idea on this please ? Thanks
  • Kevin Mitchell
    Nov 8

    I am trying to import matches from Play Cricket to the database - however, it doesn't seem to be working. It seems to get stuck if there is a player/official not in the database - I've tried the 'Quick Add' but the match won't upload any further.
  • Rameaze Raza
    Oct 29

    I notice an issue with the historical stats we imported into the system. Players that have since changed club cannot see their stats on their current profile page. Their profile page only have their stats from their current team; however if they view their profile from the league page their complete stats is visible. Can you look into this for me please.

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