May 30, 2018

Multiple seasons support




We're about to start a second season for the SSSCA league and the desire is to somehow hang onto season 1 data but also have a clear matches records so that the reports are not influenced by season 1 scores and also that the team captains would not see season 1 matches in the regular score entry screens as to reduce clutter. Please let us know what options there are.

Mark @CricketStatz
May 30, 2018

When you say a 2nd season - is it a new playing year or a second season within a playing year?


If it is a new playing year then all reports can be filtered by year (season). The match list in the admin screen can be filtered to show only one year (season).


If it is a second season within a playing year then you could set it up as either a new division or using the pool functionality. Reports can be filtered by both division and pool. Either will work. Pools are slightly more elegant in that the division name will stay the same - however you just need to remember to tag each match with the pool name (for example, you could call the pool "season 2"). If you did it as a division then you would need to include the season number in the division name (for example, "1st grade - season 2").


I hope that helps.

May 31, 2018

Thank you. That helps greatly!

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    Hi Mark, After all this time my old laptop has died on me and with my sons help I purchased a Chrome Book laptop (compact and not too heavy). However I have been having an issue in using the Chrome Browser supplied. I am able to get into my admin section of CZ, but trying to look at stats/players/matches etc in the open public site it wont let me: I can get However when I say click on players There is a pre message saying Not secure. And will not let me view any. Do you have any idea on this please ? Thanks
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    I notice an issue with the historical stats we imported into the system. Players that have since changed club cannot see their stats on their current profile page. Their profile page only have their stats from their current team; however if they view their profile from the league page their complete stats is visible. Can you look into this for me please.

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