Importing Matches

Cricket Statz allows you to import matches from online sources such as MyCricket, Play-Cricket, Cricket Archive and CricHQ.

Step 1 - Logging In
Log in to Cricket Statz administration at . Your username is your email address and your password would have arrived in an email. If you have lost your password then click on ‘Lost Password’ to reset your password.

Step 2 - Commencing the Import

Click on the Setup link at the top right of the admin panel then select Import Match.  You will require at least access level 7 to see the Import Match option.

Enter the external source MatchID into the respective service entry and then Import to commence the process. The external source MatchID can be found in the URL (web page address) of the match report page from the respective service. It will be shown as a set of numbers towards the end of the URL.

Step 3 - Setting up Division, Club, Team and Venue Aliases

If it is your first time importing matches then it is likely you will need to set up the aliases for your divisions, clubs, teams and venues since Cricket Statz will warn you if it cannot match the name of these when it does an import.

If it can't match the entries then you have two options:

  1. Add the division, club, team or venue if it is not in your database already or

  2. If it is there, then go and edit the respective record and add an alias to the alias field that matches what the import is looking for.

You only need to set an alias up once.  All subsequent imports will use these aliases.

Step 4 - Matching Players and Officials

Finally, you will need to make sure players and officials are correctly matched.

When a batsman, bowler or fielder cannot be found then you will be given the option to either Quick Add - which will add a new player/official record or Assign Alias - which will allow you to add an alias to an existing player record. An alias is a way to match the name on the external service with the player in the database. Each player can have multiple aliases - separated with a ; and no spaces. Each alias must be unique. Aliases are not case sensitive.

Once you have added the player or their alias, you will need to hit Re-try to import the match again so that the newly added players can be found. When all players are correctly matched then your match import is complete.

Congratulations! You have now imported the match in to Cricket Statz.