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Guide to Live Scoring

Cricket Statz online features a live scoring function that allows cricket matches to be scored live at the ground from any internet-enabled mobile device with results and commentary published in real time for others to view. It works with laptops, tablets/ipads, iphones, android devices and more.  No app is required.

​This guide explains how to use the live scoring feature and assumes you have already set up your match fixtures.

Step 1 - Log in
Log in to the admin panel using your username and password.  If you don't have an account then you can sign up for a free trial.

Step 2 - Navigate to the innings scorecard
Navigate to the match that you wish to score by clicking on "Results" next to the match from the Matches list.  Select the innings you wish to score by hitting the Details button.

Step 3 - Enter Live Scoring mode
Once you are on the innings scorecard page hit the "Live Scoring" button to go in to the live scoring module.


Step 4 - creating a new over
Create a new over by selecting the bowler and then hit "Commence New Over".  This will bring you to the Overs page where you can score each ball of the over.

Step 5 - scoring a ball
To score a ball, first select the correct bowler and batter.


If you want to add some commentary on the ball then enter it in the commentary box.  Note that any commentary added will show up in the commentary for that match.  You can embed tweets, pictures and video clips by pasting embed code into the comment box. See an example live commentary output page.

Then hit one of the buttons below the comment box to indicate the outcome of the delivery.  If the batter is dismissed and the dismissal type is caught or runout then select the fielder as well.

Screenshot 2022-05-04 093450.png
Wagon wheel

After entering a ball, you can select where the shot was played by clicking the wagon wheel icon next to the ball bowled.

If you make a mistake, you can edit the ball by hitting the edit link. You can also delete the last delivery.

Repeat this step 5 for subsequent balls until the over is complete.

Step 6 - over completed and publishing to the scorecard
When the over is complete you hit the "Over Completed" button to return to the Live Scoring main screen.  Go back to Step 4 to create your next over.

Any overs that don't have six balls bowled will be highlighted for your attention.

At any time you can publish the results to the scorecard.  If do this each over then it will update the scorecard live for anyone viewing the match.

Step 7 - match completed
When the match is completed then publish the final scorecard results and hit 'return to scorecard' to exit the live scoring. ​


  • Anyone can view the scoring live by going to the match scorecard and clicking the commentary link

  • You can have multiple scorers do individual scoring on any innings just by having them login separately to Cricket Statz - two commentary links will appear on the match scorecard report when there are two scorers

  • Ensure you have a backup scoring mechanism, such as a paper system, in case the internet or service is unavailable

  • There is no "app" to download and keep up-to-date - it is all done via the magic of a web browser and will work on any internet-connected device

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