Jun 19, 2018

Crichq to Cricket Statz - mxp file


Hi I am from a sports club in NZ we live score on Crichq, but want to transfer games by MXP file from this new Oct 2018 season, can this be done, is it straight forward.

Mark @CricketStatz
Jun 20, 2018Edited: Jun 20, 2018

I am moving this to our "Questions" section of the forum.

Mark @CricketStatz
Jun 20, 2018

And yes it is straightforward. It may require that you set up some player aliases in our system so that you can better match any mis-matched player names. You only need to do this once.

Mark @CricketStatz
Jun 20, 2018Edited: Jun 20, 2018

And by the way, I think it is only the Total Cricket Scorer 10 app from CricHQ that will do an MXP file export. I don't think their mobile apps will export. Just check.

Jun 22, 2018

Looks like Total Cricket Scorer has updated to a 11 series. Does this still work with your system? Does the live scoring apps send data of the game to Total Cricket Scorer, and then you download a MXP file from TCS? I wish games could just be downloaded from Crichq in MXP file. Any help will be great Thanks

Mark @CricketStatz
Jun 22, 2018

Hi, We don't test third party products to see if they do or don't work with our MXP file format. I know TCS 10 was working and know you can still get it at I am not sure about TCS 11.


Any scoring app that exports an MXP file can be imported into our system. You just need to get the file (and each app may have a different way of doing this) and upload it to our system via the admin panel/setup/importMXP function.


The better option is to use our built-in live score system and that way you don't have to worry about scoring apps or files. See our Live Scoring guide at


Your wish about downloading direct from CricHQ is something we are looking at. Please be sure to like/vote for this Suggestion:

Jun 23, 2018

Games that are closed seem to only be able to be saved in a XML file.


Am I right the game needs to be open / or transferred to TSC10 some how, so the game can be saved as a MXP file. I am a bit lost but keen to sort this, I hope this is helping other Crichq users.

Jun 23, 2018

Down loading a MXP file direct from Crichq might be how far away? Sorry I know this I.T suff can be a slow process, but wouldn't this make it so much easier, this would mean you don't need TSC10 I guess.

Mark @CricketStatz
Jun 23, 2018Edited: Jun 23, 2018

Sorry, really can't be of much help with TCS. Maybe post up on TCS's forum and ask them for help. I will also see if I can get someone from the community to share what they are doing.


Paul Reynolds
Jun 24, 2018
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We import approx 12 matches a week from TCS version 11 to CricketStatz. It's a prtty starightforward process, with one tricky bit.


The players/teams/grounds etc you export need to be identical to the ones you have on your CricketStatz database. So in TCS you need to nake sure this is the case. If you are getting TCS files from other clubs, you needto make sure that either the clubs use the correct locations/teams etc or that when you import it into your copy of TCS they are correct.


With player names, you have an alternative. Either you make sure they are correct in TCS, or you add aliases in CricketStatz. We've gone down the route of making sure the names are correct in TCS


Once that is done, press "Export to CricketSTatz" in TCS (in the Match menu). Then in setup in CricketStatz import the mxp file.


Get back to me if you get stuck


Jun 25, 2018

Paul, thanks for your help and support on this topic, does your club use crichq? or another system?


Thanks on the tip on getting the names correct in both systems.


So Im correct the TCS can convert matches from Crichq into MXP file?


Does MXP file convert work if the match is closed and played already, or does the convert to MXP file need to be done before the match is closed on game day.


Your help will be great.

Paul Reynolds
Jun 26, 2018



Lots if clubs in Cricket Leinster use Total Cricket Scorer (both on iPad which is no longer supported and on PC which is). We used TCS before CricHQ bought it, but CricHQ have continued to develop it.


So in order to exprt mxp files, you need to be using Total Cricket Scorer 11 (but not the CricHQ scoring app)


On game day, you can export the file at any time - whether the match is open or closed. Just hit the Export to Cricket Statz button on the Match ribbon



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