Victor Isaacs
Dec 24, 2018

Player date of Birth on public view

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I have submitted my website now for public view. Now players can view their stats and scorecards.


I have been working through my 14,000 plus list of players adding where available their date of birth. I would think I have about 50% of these dob but all others are shown as the default 1 Jan 1900.


Two things I would like to ask is if there is a way to show these date of births on the public view, ie this page:


Cannot figure anywhere else this can be seen by these players, so thay could amend them if there are errors by emailing me. Also I would much rather see something like n/a (not available) for those whose dob is unavailable rather than the default, asking anyone with that entry to contact me with the missing information.


Any ideas pleas ?


PS: Happy Christmas to all users and you Mark, thank you for all you do over the years.


Mark @CricketStatz
Dec 24, 2018

Vic, showing all your players DOB on a public web site will have some serious privacy issues. We have purposely not allowed this to happen.


If you really wanted a way around it then you could run off the complete player summary report, which shows the DOB, and email it to your players for them to check.

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