Victor Isaacs
Jan 25, 2018

Adding Date of birth etc to players


Hi Mark,

Having spent most of today inputting Army player date of birth and where known their birthplace, I am finding it very long winded.

I load up players in admin, click on C list (where I am upto) then click on current club to get all army players in one place, click on the player, find the dob from my list and enter and submit.

I am just wondering if there is an easier way of doing this as at this rate would take me about a year to complete.

Any ideas,

Mark @CricketStatz
Jan 25, 2018

Hi Vic,


Out of interest - why did you want the DOB info added? If it is to distinguish duplicate players then you could probably just do the DOB entries for those that have identical names (and leave the rest).


In any case -


Did you have the date of birth info sitting in the v11 software or is it not their either? If it is in v11 then we may be able to do a re-publish and this would send the player DOB info through.


If it is not in v11, then there is a player import function in the online version where you paste in a CSV file with the player names, DOB and select the club. However, this will add new players and will not update existing ones unfortunately.

Victor Isaacs
Jan 25, 2018

Hi Mark,


i do not have the dob information on my v11 software but could enter it if it is easier.

i thought there were some stats for youngest or oldest players which is why I was adding them.


My worry about submitting a republish is whether amendments I have made to online may be wiped.

Mark @CricketStatz
Jan 25, 2018

Unfortunately, there is no easier way at the moment. A Youngest/Oldest player report is in the development pipeline so your efforts aren't wasted.


Leave it with us and we will see if we can find a way to improve it. Out of interest, where do you have your source DOB data? Is it all in one spreadsheet or are you getting it from multiple sources?

Victor Isaacs
Jan 26, 2018

I obtain the DOB date by going to the website Cricketarchive and search for the player in question. Much of the information I input in there over the years.

Mark @CricketStatz
Jan 27, 2018

The online system should now remember the filter so it is one less thing you need to click on. Hope that helps a little.

Paul Reynolds
May 27, 2018Edited: May 27, 2018

Was any headway made on this one?


There are a few issues surrounding getting data into CS at the moment.


Primarily, the major attraction to us of CricketStatz was that we could easily get data into Excel, and then match it (using the External ID in v11) with other databases to create a powerful tool that could do everything under the sun. Hopefully we can urgently get the External ID into CS (see the other thread at, but even once it is in there, we cannot get the data into CS, without manually entering 5000-10000 individual IDs, even though we have that info in multiple formats eg Excel, csv, or even in CS11!


But the overall picture would include the other data fields in a player's profile. We could fully utilise other parts of the player profile (such as Notes) if only we could get that data in there, in some other way rather than manually entering the data.



Paul Reynolds
May 28, 2018

Hi Mark.


As we no longer have v11, I'm not worried about that. What I am worried about is how to populate the data fields in the 7678 players that I already have in CricketStatz online.


There needs to be some form of uploading data (eg notes or hopefully external id) to existing players

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