How Does it Work?

Cricket Statz administrators first establish their clubs, grounds and grades in their databse. Others members of your league/association/club can then be given access to your database to add players and teams. Cricket Statz will show upcoming fixtures, including match start times, dates, grounds and teams.

As matches are completed, coaches, managers, team captains, scorers and umpires are given access to log in and enter match results. Matches can also be imported from MyCricket and Play-Cricket. Cricket Statz also features a cricket scoring function allowing scorers to score games live at the ground via any internet-enabled mobile device including ipads and phones. Match details are then checked by the Admins or umpires/referees and competition points assigned.

Cricket Statz will automatically display the match reports, stats tables, competition tables, and updated player statistics for public viewing when matches are approved. These reports can be embedded in your existing web site (via simple scripting+CSS or frames) or you can link to your Cricket Statz-generated league or club web site.

A Cricket Statz subscription includes an ad-free cricket results web site, unlimited sponsor links/logos, premium look and feel, unlimited support, player availability tool, the ability to bring your custom domain and live match scoring from any internet-connected device. 

We have over twelve pricing plans for every database size - from single teams through to national competitions, with plans sized by a maximum number of matches played in the past 12 month period.  Historical matches, played over 12 months ago, cost you nothing extra. There is no limit on the number of administrators, officials or players.

Want to transfer your cricket matches from another online service?  Contact us to see if we can help automate this for you.

The Cricket Statz Service

This is what you get when you sign up for a free trial

Cricket Results Management

Manage Results From Any Device

Gather scorecards electronically via any internet-enabled pc, mac, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Either enter completed scorecards or score matches with ball-by-ball commentary live. Publish match results and ladders in real time.  All from a browser. True multi-user with unlimited users. No software or app to download.

Generate Cricket Stats

Generate over 70 statistics reports

Produces real-time statistics and web pages for the entire league, club, teams and individual players. Supports historical data entry for summarised historical stats so you don't have to enter full match scorecards. Reports can be run stand alone or embedded in to existing web pages.

Player and Team Management

Player and Team Management

Manage draws, umpires, scorers, grounds, teams, player availability, player registrations, player contact details, competition points, ladders and more.

Manage Your Cricket Results and Stats Online

Cricket Statz

Cricket Statz is an online system to manage cricket stats and results for national cricket bodies, leagues, associations, clubs and even single teams. With over 70 statistics reports, it is a multi-user online service with no software, app or download required. Cricket Statz works on any internet-enabled device. It features a built-in scoring module that allows scorers to score matches live and add ball-by-ball commentary.  

Cricket Results and Stats Management System for Leagues, Clubs and Teams



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