Victor Isaacs
Nov 15, 2018

Public Stats/Teams


I would like a drop down menu for all the public stats for teams, this would help segregate stats for a variety of teams.

Mark @CricketStatz
Nov 25, 2018
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You can do this already by selecting "Clubs" on the left menu of the public pages. And then from clubs you can select "Teams" on the left menu. Subsequent stats are for that team only.

Mark @CricketStatz
Nov 25, 2018

I will move this to the questions section.

Paul Reynolds
Feb 14

Could I re-visit this one please!? Although I have no problems with the work around as described above, in reality I get complaints from users saying that they can't get a breakdown by club or team. Would it be possible to consider these dropdowns on the public site to improve the user experience?

Douglas de la Mare
Jul 2

Can i also revist this @Mark @CricketStatz?


We have an interesting "uniqueness" in our league where we have one development team, the players are able to play for that junior team and other ones. Therefore, in the overall league totals they end up getting quite a few extra runs. Any chance it could be done by club total in the overall total? ie possible duplication of player name based on the club? Thanks Mark! Cheers, Doug


Mark @CricketStatz
Jul 3

Please raise this as a new suggestion in the suggestion area. Note that a common way to solve this is to give people level 1 access to the admin panel where they can get access to all of the various filters.

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  • Victor Isaacs
    3 days ago

    Hi Mark, After all this time my old laptop has died on me and with my sons help I purchased a Chrome Book laptop (compact and not too heavy). However I have been having an issue in using the Chrome Browser supplied. I am able to get into my admin section of CZ, but trying to look at stats/players/matches etc in the open public site it wont let me: I can get However when I say click on players There is a pre message saying Not secure. And will not let me view any. Do you have any idea on this please ? Thanks
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    Nov 8

    I am trying to import matches from Play Cricket to the database - however, it doesn't seem to be working. It seems to get stuck if there is a player/official not in the database - I've tried the 'Quick Add' but the match won't upload any further.
  • Rameaze Raza
    Oct 29

    I notice an issue with the historical stats we imported into the system. Players that have since changed club cannot see their stats on their current profile page. Their profile page only have their stats from their current team; however if they view their profile from the league page their complete stats is visible. Can you look into this for me please.

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