Peter Andrew
Aug 12, 2018

New players not appearing in drop-down


Hi Mark - have just started adding this season's scoresheets to the on-line version. Entering an innings, realised I needed to add a player. Did this, but he then was not offered in the drop-down box. He appears in the list for the correct club, and is marked as 'active' (as advised in Q3 of the FAQs).

Only strange thing is when I look under 'list' in the team, he's in the 'Available' box, but not in the 'Selected' box on the right. If I highlight him and hit the arrow to transfer him, there's an error msg 'Max Team Size (40) Exceeded' - but there are several hundred names in the 'Selected' box.

Mark @CricketStatz
Aug 12, 2018Edited: Aug 13, 2018
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Hi Peter,


The short answer - remove enough players from the existing team list so that you free up some room to add your new player.


The long answer -


We migrated your database from v11. During the migration process, Cricket Statz online will detect new players and add them to the database. These new players also get dumped into a team list but, quite often, the team list just grows beyond the allowed limit of 40 players. This is what you are seeing.


Team lists in Cricket Statz online are just a mechanism to populate new scorecards. The idea is that you establish the players that make up the current team so when you add a scorecard then the batsmen will pre-populate from your team list. It has a limit of 40 players per team.


So what you could do is remove all from that team and just add back the ones that are currently playing in the team (plus the additional player that you want to add).


Hope that helps.

Peter Andrew
Aug 13, 2018

Mark - that fixed it, thanks.



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