Victor Isaacs
Feb 16

Help with Logo's please ?


At the top of my publc view pages I have the name of my database "Army and UKAF", I would however like the Army on the left and UKAF on the right logos shown, but not being very technical I wonder if one of our members could advise, and perhaps show me if they have done it to their own site please.

Mark @CricketStatz
Feb 16

Two get two logos showing then you would have to use a photo editor (such as MS Paint) to great a single image with both logos on it and then upload that single image to be your logo.

Victor Isaacs
Feb 17Edited: Feb 17

Ive realised that creating two logos is not ideal, especially as the UKAF Logo shows the Army one. Can I just upload onto the site the single UKAF Logo to show on my pages ? If so how do I do this ? I show the logo below, will have to shrink it somehow.

Mark @CricketStatz
Feb 21Edited: Feb 21
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To upload a title logo for your web pages:


1. Go into Setup/Web Files and click on "Upload a new Image or Document"

2. Upload your logo image (noting the file size and type restrictions)

3. Next to your new image is a file path. It will be something like /ss/upload/filename.png (where filename will be the name of your file). Copy this path to your clipboard.

4. Go into Setup/Web Items and click on "Add new web item" at the bottom of the page

5. Select "Title Bar" as the type and then paste the path from Step 5 into the Logo URL field at the bottom.

6. Click Submit


You should now see your image appear on your web pages.

Victor Isaacs
Feb 22Edited: Feb 22


Many thanks for the information Mark, not being very technical I followed the instructions, even made a smaller image of the logo, but it is not showing on my pages see:


Seemed to have just added the Title both as a small Black version and the larger red item.


Is it a problem as the Logo length is wider than the colomn I am trying to put it in ?




Mark @CricketStatz
Feb 22Edited: Feb 22

Hi Vic,


You have not quite copied and pasted the correct path. Just paste this as the URL:



Victor Isaacs
Feb 23Edited: Feb 23

Thanks Mark, that worked however now we have a small and large version of the Army and UKAF words alongside each other ?

Mark @CricketStatz
Feb 23

You need to remove these words from the Headline of your Title Bar web item. Go back to Setup/Web Items and click "details" next to the Title Bar web item that you added. Remove these words from the Headline. Hit Submit

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