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Apr 27, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions


Edited: Nov 7


Q1. Why does my player not show in the drop-down list on the scorecard but shows in the list of players?

It will be either that the player is not in the team list for the team in question or they are set as inactive. Check the "Selected Team" list by clicking on Teams in the top menu and then selecting "List" next to specific team. Be sure the player is listed in the "Selected" team list on the right. Also, check that the player is active in the player record by ensuring their "Active" field is checked.


Q2. I get the "Max Team Size (40) Exceeded" message when trying to add a new player to the selected team list ?

Team lists help pre-populate new scorecards to make scorecard entry a lot faster. There is a limit of 40 players on each team list. Players that are inactive or no longer play for that team can be safely removed from team lists without impacting existing scorecards.


Q3. I have 1000 matches in my database over many seasons. Does that mean I need to subscribe to the 1000 match subscription level?

No. You only need to subscribe to the number of matches that have been played over the past 12 months or plan to get played over the next 12 months (whichever is greater). Results from matches played over 12 months ago are included at no extra charge.


Q4. I have just entered a match but the stats aren't included. How do I get them to show?

Matches need to be "Approved" before the stats from the match will appear in any of the stats reports. Go into the match details via the admin panel, check the "locked/approved" check box and hit save. Note: we have this function so that you can add other users to the system to help you enter scorecards while you retain the access to approve matches entered.


Q5. Can I still use the v11 software to publish matches online?

No. The v11 match-publish function has been decommissioned since v11 is no longer supported. Note that we can still do full database migrations for subscribers. See Q17 below.


Q6. How can I copy/backup my stats from Cricket Statz?

All stats reports can be cut and paste to Excel where you can save the results for your own safe-keeping. See our video guide on how to do this. The complete player summary report (from the admin panel reports) is a full report of the stats for all of your players and is a great way to backup your stats offline. Other reports such as match scorecards or player pages can also be copied to Excel or even MS Word using the same process.


Q7. Can Cricket Statz import matches from MyCricket, CricHQ or Play-Cricket?

Yes! This can be done from the admin panel. Choose Setup/Import Match.


Q8. Where can I increase or decrease the number of players on a scorecard?

You can do this on a division by division basis. Go into the admin panel, click Setup and then Divisions. Edit your division and you will be able to choose the number of players.


Q9. How does Cricket Statz backup work and what are our obligations?

Our Cricket Statz system will do a complete database backup twice weekly. This is aimed at providing restore points for all databases in the event of a system failure. In simple terms, if the Cricket Statz system fails then we will restore match data but may lose any matches entered up until the last backup point (a maximum of 4 days).


Note that this does not protect against your users deleting your matches. Match deletion within the system cannot be automatically restored. If you or your users delete a match then you will need to re-enter it if you wish to have it restored. Consequently, we encourage users to keep records of their matches and to do an export of their complete player summary report to retain player stat records.


Q10. Subscription plans are based on the maximum matches played over 12 months. How is this calculated?

The system will count the number of matches that are in the database and played from 12 months prior through to the current day during the subscription period. If this count exceeds your plan level at any time then you will not be able to edit any matches until you increase your plan level or delete some matches. You can see this calculation at the top of the Purchase page within the admin panel.


Q11. When I import a match, TCS file or CSV file, the team/player/grade/ground name in the Cricket Staz system does not match the import data and the import ends. How do I fix this?

There is a field in the team/player/grade/ground records called an "alias". You can find the alias field when you edit the respective record. The alias field is looked at when it comes to matching names during a match import. For example, if the division name in your databases is "A Grade" but the import data is "Grade A" then you can set the alias for that division to be "Grade A" to allow it to be matched. You only need to set up the alias once and all subsequent matches will automatically assign it to that record. Aliases are not case sensitive. Players and divisions can have multiple alias names entered.


Q12. What is the difference between clubs and teams and how should I name my teams?

A Club is a collection of one or more teams. A club will have a name such as "Easts Cricket Club". Within a club, you will have one or more teams. For examples, you may have an "Easts 1sts", "Easts 2nds", "Easts Juniors". If you have only one team then you will probably just name the team "Easts". Each of the teams will have their own team list and each team will be a member of a given Club.


Q13. What happens when my subscription expires?

All of your match data will still be in our database for 12 months but the reports will cease showing any data until you renew your subscription to the service.


Q14. What if I go over my match limit?

A subscription provides you with a maximum number of matches that can be played over a rolling 12 month period (see Q10 for details on how this is calculated). If you exceed this max number of matches during the course of the subscription year then Cricket Statz will no longer allow you to edit any match in the database until you either delete a match or increase your subscription plan to the next level plan. When moving up to the next plan, you will be required to pay the difference between what you originally paid and the current cost of the new plan noting that it will be backdated to the original subscription date. Contact to move up to a higher plan.


You can see the number of matches that you are using at any time by clicking on the "purchase" link in the admin panel. We recommend you anticipate how many matches will be played in the following 12 months and ensure you choose the corresponding plan when purchasing your annual subscription to avoid any unnecessary interruptions.


Q15. How can I add a second database?

Head on over to our trial sign up page at Sign up to a new database (enter the new database name into the league/club name field) but be sure to use your existing Cricket Statz login email address. This will create a fresh new database and will link it to your existing email address. You will be able to move between your databases by using the "Switch" link from the admin panel. Note: You will need to subscribe to the new database independently of any others that you may have.


Q16. A batsman has retired (hurt) - how do we get his/her partnership to show correctly?

Cricket Statz requires you to enter a FOW entry for the retired batsman for their partnership to be calculated correctly. For example, if your opening batsmen retires hurt at score 30 then add a FOW entry for that retiring batsman at score 30 and the wicket at which they retired (in this case, it was a 1st wicket partnership). The system's scorecard entry allows for multiple FOW entries for the same wicket.


Q17. I am running on the old v11 software. Can you help migrate our stats to the online system?

Yes, we can do a full migratation any version of the old software to our online system. Simply email your .CSD database file to and ask for it to be migrated online. We can also migrate and join multiple database files - just be sure that the player, club, team, grade and ground names are identical between the databases so that duplicate records are not created. You need to use the online system exclusively after migrating. Note that subscription fees apply and you will be asked to purchase a subscription to the online service before your database is migrated.

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