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Will Rice
Jun 09, 2018
In Questions
Hi Mark, I've been having issues trying to rectify one of the match results I have found on my Leigh Cricket Association database. I have multiple players with the surname Hewitt for the Meredith club, but when I was entering some summary data I found recently for a match I didn't have information for, it was only allowing me to select 'N Hewitt' when I wanted 'Angus Hewitt'. I then chopped and changed things in the back end and clicked on 'Set All inactive' and still cannot get the player to show (even after doing manual 'activation' of his record). This is the match in question that I am trying to resolve the error with: Hoping you may be able to assist with rectifying the issue firstly with the match and then with the bulk reactivation of player records (as there is no setup in the system at my end to do so without manually doing it to every record one-by-one......).

Will Rice

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