Mark @CricketStatz
Sep 8

Unlimited Match, Single User, Single Private Database Plan


Edited: Sep 9

Suggestion - Introduce an unlimited match, single user, single (private) database plan for a nominal annual fee. No public web site or public reports.

Mark @CricketStatz
Sep 16

A question to those that have liked this suggestion:


Can you reply in this thread and let me know how you plan to use Cricket Statz should this suggestion get implemented? I talk about offering it as a "private database" so I am particularly interested in hearing what you would use the service for given there will be no public access to reports.

Steve Rogers
Sep 16

Ever since I first came across, and started using, Cricket Statz, I've used it for creating my own international database, having always wanted my own online database. There's no need for it to be available to the public, as long as I can run my own reports just as we can now when logged in.

Mark @CricketStatz
Sep 18

@Steve Rogers Thanks for letting me know

Brian Papworth
Sep 18



I have no interest in publishing my database to public view. At present there are too many gaps in my data, due to missing scorebooks etc, which means that the data needs to be massaged to make it meaningful.


My database is used for my Club's 1st XI and nobody else and I am the ony person who needs access to it. Therefore your suggestion caters for my needs 100%.

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Mark @CricketStatz
Sep 23Edited: Oct 23
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Contact me at if you have your subscription coming due in the next 60 days (or if you are starting a new database) and you want to give this alternate subscription model a go. Pricing will be around AUD110 per year.

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