Ian Thompson
Oct 4, 2018

New Report - Opposition Summary


Can an "Opposition Summary" report (to be run at club level) be added which shows:


(a) highest team total

(b) lowest team total

(c) highest individual score

(d) best bowling

(e) biggest win/loss by runs/wkts

(f) narrowest win/loss by runs/ wkts

(g) highest partnership for each wicket


all in one report?

Mark @CricketStatz
Oct 29, 2018

Just a question - is this for the opposition only or is it that you want it for any given club?

Ian Thompson
Oct 29, 2018

I was thinking of my own club in that an opposing team is selected and the report would show which of my clubs players hold the records listed above against the selected oppo. It could be for any club but I only keep records for my club.

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