Darren Mattison
Nov 23, 2018

Multiple Alias for a Division


Is it possible to have multiple Alias for a single division?


I have Women's Inter-Service Cricket and Men's Inter-Service Cricket coming out of MyCricket into the "Services" Division.


I have it entered like this but it didn't work:


Men's Inter-Service Cricket; Women's Inter-Service Cricket

Mark @CricketStatz
Nov 23, 2018

No, unfortunately only one alias is allowed per division.

Mark @CricketStatz
Nov 23, 2018

I would encourage you to add this to the suggestions section

Mark @CricketStatz
Nov 25, 2018

Just curious - how do you go about splitting stats out if you just want to run them for the Women only?

Victor Isaacs
Feb 7

With my UK Inter Services I seperate the Men and Women Using the Pool facility.

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