Victor Isaacs
Aug 12, 2018

Merging Teams and Venues


Edited: Sep 3, 2018

Similar to how we can combined Players using Admin > Setup > Merge Players I wonder if it would be possible to Merge teams of the same name, ie I have two teams Combined Services Australia and Combined Services (Australia), I would like something that would merge these therefore like players both versions and all their scorecards stats etc would be joined together.


Also I have quite a few different venues of the same place ie US Portsmouth or Burnaby Road, Portsmouth are one and the same.


Deleting one of the teams or venues would lead to complications in finding where they are and sorting them.


These issues have come about because I joined two Army and Combined Services databases and seperately showed the same team name or ground slightly different.


Would be a great asset to the online CStatz.

Victor Isaacs
Sep 3, 2018

Does any other CStatz user have the issue of duplicate teams and venues.


As I added extra Teams and Varsions to the original online version,some have the same name entered slightly differently. I would like to be able to merge these as above.


Any advice or a vote would be appreciated. Many Thanks

Tony Esh
Oct 21, 2018

yes Victor We have duplicate venues. I see the issue and agree a merge would be great. PP1, KFC Oval, Pedrina 1, KFC Oval PP1 etc. Seems every couple of years this ground is named differently on the draw. as well as sponsor changes.If a merge doesn't becore a reality we will merge them eventually but it's too big a task at this stage to get them all being the same ground. Makes the performance on a ground report a bit compromised.

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