Mark @CricketStatz
Dec 27, 2017

How we rank suggestions


Edited: Apr 29

We appreciate feedback and take all suggestions seriously.


Suggestions more likely to get implemented are:


1. Suggestions that are easy to implement that don't impact other users in any negative way

2. Suggestions that get lots of likes (where people click on the 'heart' icon)


We generally don't reply to suggestions unless we need more information so please be patient. If it is a good idea then it will get likes and bubble to the top of the list.


Please post only one suggestion per thread so that we know exactly what people are liking/voting for. Be sure to keep your suggestions positive and constructive.


Spend time to look through the suggestions and click on the heart symbol to like them!


Helpful tip: Ensure the title of your post specifically describes what you want done so that people are more likely to like/vote on your idea. For example, don't post "new report" as the title but post "Add 'Most Catches in a Season' Report".

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