Darren Taylor
Sep 2

Historical Data - Hat Tricks


Be able to enter Hat Tricks using the Historical data option - "add new entry"

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  • trentmking
    Nov 9

    In the match result input we can capture the qty of hat tricks a player takes in a game, just wondering if this can be added to the hat trick report to indicate double or triples etc. Thanks
  • Darren Taylor
    5 days ago

    Be able to enter Carrying the bat using the Historical data option - 'add new entry"
  • Douglas de la Mare
    Sep 6

    Hi Mark, Any chance you could make a small change to the match reports to show when a player is caught behind or caught 'wk'? Right now it is inputted as caught behind, but just shows up as 'caught' in the match report public page. Cheers, Doug

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