Darren Mattison
Mar 27, 2018

Admin Filter to Player List



I am keen to be able to limit the field of players that are listed in our Players and Officials Page to only those who are in our Association (which includes multiple clubs). While our association often plays matches against many external teams, for the most part, we really only focus on our players. The current page displays all of the players with the first player from our association being about two pages down the list.


I have looked at the pools field but that is linked to matches rather than players. I still want the details/stats for matches against external teams, just not a player profile for most of the opposition.


In PC v11 software we used the Player Rating field to give all of our association players a Rating 1 and filtered reports and the web pages using player 1 ratings only.


You could do this through a filter where you chose the specific clubs to include (less accurate) or have a field (like Rating 1) or check box (list? Yes/No) in each player's profile to filter against at the admin level so it only shows those filtered to the public.




Mark @CricketStatz
Mar 29, 2018

I was thinking - if you were to make the Club the "ADF" and have the team names identify the various clubs/teams but have them all a member of the one ADF club then I think this would possibly work for you. Thoughts?

Darren Mattison
Jun 8, 2018

This would make things particularly messy. I am still a fan of the Player Rating fields (I only used Ratings 1 - ADF, 2 - NZDF and Blank everyone else). All it needs is to have some sort of Player Detail specific field in the report filters.


An alternate solution, while not catching everyone, would be to be able to select multiple teams in the filter (like the Divisions). This might still catch some ring ins or miss a few games for people who substituted for other teams but it might work until we can add a Player Detail specific filter.

Mark @CricketStatz
Jun 9, 2018

Just so I understand, why would having the clubs as the ADF and NZDF and teams named according to the specific teams be messy?

Darren Mattison
Jun 9, 2018

Our Association construct is Association - Club - Team. Basically Cricket ADF is the Association, The Services are the Clubs and they each have two main teams.


The Single services are very independent and are responsible for managing their own teams etc


As the Association, Cricket ADF also manages two Rep Team (ADF Men and Women) and for special events and tournament, a few others (eg the ANZACs, Defence World XI, Presidents XI etc).


For the ADF teams I guess it would work but for the other Rep Teams, they often contain other players that are not members of the Cricket ADF Association as such and are not included in our reporting and often are not eligible for awards etc.


In v11, we used the Rating set up so I could run reports for a season, tour, or the entire history and only get results containing our direct members which aids in my reporting. For our presentations last year, performance awards (batting, bowling, fielding etc) was only open to the Army, Navy and Air Force players and not the visiting side (who would have probably come 1st, 2nd and 3rd in most categories).


While I can muck about post carnival and do a dump to Excel and filter the Non-ADF folk out, it adds a number of steps to the task.

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