Oct 14

MVP Points report


Edited: Oct 14

Hi Marc


I have entered our MVP points into the batting and bowling scorecards alongside each batsman and bowler in our team for the first round of the 2019-20 season.


The MVP report that I then ran for our database only seems to tally the points entered in our teams batting scorecard, not the bowling scorecard too. Am I doing something incorrect or is there an issue with the report?





Mark @CricketStatz
Oct 15

Hi Mike,


Can you link up your URL of the report you are looking at?

Oct 15


Mark @CricketStatz
Oct 15

I have moved this over to the systems issue section since there is an issue with the report.


This will be fixed shortly. In the meantime, you can continue to enter MVP scores to your players with the expectation that the report will show it properly when fixed.


Standby for more

Mark @CricketStatz
Oct 15

Hi Mike - can you check your MVP report now and let me know if it looks good or otherwise?

Oct 15

Hi Mark


The issue is fixed when viewing the statistics on our club's database page, however the same issue is still there when running a report from the admin panel.

Mark @CricketStatz
Oct 15

Hi Mike - can you re-check this? It is exactly the same reporting engine so I struggle to see why there would be a difference other than if you have some extra report filters turned on.


Link up the report you are looking at and the web site stats page you are comparing with if it still persists.


Let me know.

Mark @CricketStatz
Oct 16

I will mark this one as closed but please raise a new issue if you find anything else.

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  • trentmking
    Oct 31

    I will try my best to explain this. It appears when players have been manually added via the MyCricket scoring app but have not been added via the registered players (?) they are listed on the MyCricket results page but without a hyperlink to there stats. I should add I have never used the scoring app but I found out that thats what happened in this case while trying to resolve it. So when the import runs everything imported except the players who were manually added and were listed in the bowling column. So they were listed/imported in the sides batting, just not the bowling. Attached is the import report showing only 3 of 7 bowlers imported (theses 3 were correctly selected players from the team list) and the bowling list from MyCricket for the match. As these are opposition players I cannot fix this in MyCricket and it might be an education thing so people who are using the app add players correctly but also for clubs to select the team fully before the match. At the end of the day our clubs players stats are entered, it's just the full match details are incomplete. MyCricket Match ID: 3230999 CricketStatz match report: https://www2.cricketstatz.com/ss/web.aspx?club=17858&mode=100&match=233198
  • Mark @CricketStatz
    Aug 12

    Fixed an issue where the free trial was saying that the subscription was expired after entering only 1 match. It will now correctly allow up to 15 matches per year to be entered.
  • Jason Northam
    Feb 8

    Hi Mark, I'm not sure if this has been posted before, but I have found quite a few discrepancies in the player summary from V11 to what is online in the total runouts. It seems to have affected the figures of keepers that have assisted in a runout, as when it has come over to online it seems to have imported the assistor as a bowler. I have attached an example from V11 and the same match online for you to check out. Graham Blacker is one of the player's figures that is out by quite a bit. https://www2.cricketstatz.com/ss/web.aspx?club=18239&mode=100&match=117353 Thanks in anticipation Jason

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