Darren Taylor
Jul 10, 2018

Team names


How do I change team names so the specific team eg BHCC A Grade appears in the report under the team heading rather than the Club name. I made an error when setting up.

I have been into teams and added the teams to the Club but the edit to the original team (which was the Club name) is all that appears in every report

Mark @CricketStatz
Jul 11, 2018Edited: Jul 14, 2018

If you go into the 'Teams' link on the menu bar at the top of each page in the admin panel and then select "Details" next to the team you want to edit. This will allow you to change the team name.

Darren Taylor
Jul 12, 2018

I have created the four teams the Club has. Each team competes in one graded division. There are 4 divisions. By mistake I had originally only made one team - the Club name. All reports just had the Club name for the last team.

Originally in the teams link in the admin panel the Club name was listed as the team name and one of the four divisions was listed as the Div. Eg BPCA C Grade. I edited this one and created the three other teams.

Every report when selecting all Div or a specific Div now lists the last team as BPCA C Grade which isn't the current case for all players. Will this alter as new match data is imported?

If I use the Team filter of the newly created teams then nothing appears in a report.

Is everything ok?


Mark @CricketStatz
Jul 12, 2018

You probably need to go back and update your matches now with the correct team. They wont be using the new teams you recently added - they will just be listing the BPCA C Grade (which I assume is the one you renamed).

Darren Taylor
Jul 12, 2018

Thank you - I'm loving this but have a lot to learn!

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