Victor Isaacs
Feb 9, 2018

Team name change query


Edited: Feb 9, 2018

As I am preparing my CStatz file to be able to submit to having an online version I came across a query on a Team Name change.


My database relates to Combined Services Men and Womens teams. In 2016 this name was changed to United Kingdom Armed Forces.


I have set the teams accordingly but if I wanted for example to get the Mens Complete Summary I get all the matches up to 2015.


My query is how I can get that set of figures (and others) to show both sets together, they are after all the same team just a different name ?



Mark @CricketStatz
Feb 9, 2018

Hi Vic,


Did their club change as well or just their team? If it is just their team name and not their club then the club stats should still show the combined results.

Victor Isaacs
Feb 9, 2018

I show club name as "Combined Services/UKAF" and seperate team names Comined Services and United Kingdom Armed Forces.


Looks like I will have to show the team names as CS/UKAF to solve this ?

Mark @CricketStatz
Feb 9, 2018

Hi Vic - can you explain a little more about what you are trying to achieve? Is it the public web site where you want to see combined stats/results or is it from the reports that you run in the admin panel?

Victor Isaacs
Feb 9, 2018

at present this is still on my CStatz on Laptop in anticipationon of submitting to you.

Basically for just under 100 years the Club Team played as Combined Services until from start of 2016 season they became United Kingdom Armed Forces, same team different name.


So when I want to submit the online version I would like to see the scorecards in particular to show the above names.


Regarding stats that is not a problem in that respect.



Mark @CricketStatz
Feb 9, 2018

OK I was over-complicating things. When you asked "how I can get that set of figures (and others) to show both sets together" I thought it was a stats thing.


Any single team has only one name. So if you change the team name then it will change on all scorecards retrospectively. If you want to keep the same team record but show previous names as well then yes, adding it to the team name like " CS/UKAF " is the way to go.

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