Douglas de la Mare
Feb 21

Importing Players to Clubs - Cricketstar


Hi Mark, There seems to be a link issue to the players and the clubs they get imported into. Right now if I use the import and associate it to a club, like Cowichan for instance, it won't show up in the team list (team has been created). So when I try and import the match, the players are not able to be found yet.




Mark @CricketStatz
Feb 21

Hi Doug,


I have moved this over to the questions section for the moment.


Teams and Clubs are different things in Cricket Statz. The team list is only used for when you go entering new scorecards. It serves no purpose other than to provide a pre-populated list to make scorecard entry a lot faster.


If the players are not being picked up then it will have nothing to do with them not showing on the team list.


Things to check:


1. That you have the aliases matching in the player records

2. That the player record in question has their club set to the same club as that team name


Look up the team record for Cowichan and check that the club has been set correctly to the Cowichan Cricket Club.

Mark @CricketStatz
Feb 21

If it is not that then it will be possibly that you have the players not pointing to that club.


Let me know what you find.

Mark @CricketStatz
Feb 21

Actually, correction, the club selection for the player probably doesn't matter.


Let me know what you find anyway and we can take it from there.

Mark @CricketStatz
Feb 21

And looking at the example you show above, can you also include a screenshot of Singh's player record showing his alias? It will help get to the bottom of it.

Douglas de la Mare
Feb 21

Hi Mark,


I fixed the Singh's name issue, it picked up two characters in the initial import. I still have all the remaining players not getting linked to their clubs though?

Mark @CricketStatz
Feb 21

@Douglas de la Mare Hi Doug, I still think you are confusing clubs with teams. Your players are linked to clubs - I can see that in your player list - all the clubs are shown there.



Jonathan Cocks
Feb 22Edited: Feb 22

Hi Mark, I'm Jon and I'm helping Doug with the scorecard migration for VDCA. I'm finding that when we try to import a match from CricketStar that the player's current club assignment must match their team club assignment for the scorecard in question. If the clubs don't line up then the player doesn't get matched. For example below, when trying to import CricketStar match id 30095. It wasn't matching Benji Brooks to correct team, as his club assignment was blank. When I updated his club assignment to the correct club, he gets found. Unfortunately, we have many players who have changed clubs over the years, and some who play for multiple clubs (as set up currently) simultaneously (e.g. Adam Benning plays for both Metchosin and Sticky Wicket). Just wondering if you had any thoughts about how we could address this issue?


Douglas de la Mare
Feb 22

@Mark @CricketStatz Hi Mark, not sure if you saw this, but I have tagged you in it now! Cheers, Doug

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