Richard Cook
Nov 22, 2018

Importing from MyCricket


I have imported a match from MyCricket into Crciketstatz which was processed and saved but with a number of warnings in relation to players details, of the 22 players it skipped 14 players. (could not match player 'GM Lambert"-skipped. Add new player/Assign Alias)

I have checked the details of players that were skipped in both the MyCricket and Cricketstatz and they appear to be similar. I can not see why they don't match. The new match id in Cricketstatz is 203316, I have manually updated the match with the missing players. It appears to be mainly players with a middle initial but did have 2 players that did not have a middle initial.


Example of a couple of players in both systems. I do have a spreadsheet with all the players from both systems.


Last Name First name ID DOB Current Club Active

Lambert Grant M 288839 5-Aug-77 Fairfield-Liverpool Y

Hangyasi Phillip G 288826 24-Jun-77 Fairfield-Liverpool Y



Player ID Player Name Club id Club name

136188 Lambert, Grant M 269 Fairfield-Liverpool

242309 Hangyasi Phillip G 269 Fairfield-Liverpool


Mark @CricketStatz
Nov 22, 2018

Hi Richard,


Did you add GM Lambert to the alias of this player record?

Richard Cook
Nov 22, 2018

No, do I need to do this to to all the players.

Richard Cook
Nov 22, 2018

Thanks, Mark adding the aliases did to all the players that failed fixed . I still checked the import results against the score book and fixed minor things. One was the wicket keeper catches I changed to ct behind.

Mark when I searched earlier through the comments there was one that mentioned that import process could be stacked, is that feature available in the on line version.

Richard Cook
Nov 25, 2018

@Mark @Cricket Statz



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