Victor Isaacs
May 15, 2018

First attempt at entering matches.


Having spent the past winter working on getting my big Army file onto CS Online, the 2018 season is now with us and I have made my first attempt to enter the two T20 matches played yesterday.


I have a few observations that may need claryfying.


After spending some time trying to find how to get the teams onto the database, I made all inactive and searched for the 22 players and made them active. the home side had 5 players who were not on my database so I added them and they became active for that team. One anolmoly is finding a player who had played against the Army previously but for a different team. Was I correct in changing him from Hampshire to Oxford University as his current club ? I hope he hasent disapeared from the Hampshire match.


Searching for the 22 players was slow as I clicked on the Alphabetical list and scrolled till I found him to make him active. Is there any quicker way of doing this ?


Looking at the completed scorecard, everything was good but was disapointed to see it did not have a show for minutes batting. Is there any plan for this to be implemented the CStats desktop version has this.


Also - I note when looking at the completed scorecards the batsmen who dnb still show a row on Zeros and oddly some players who have not bowled are appearing in the bowling analysis again with untidy zeros !

Mark @CricketStatz
May 15, 2018Edited: May 16, 2018

Hi Vic,


You have a few questions in here.


1. Jump into "Divisions" and edit your division. Select "Show Mins on Batting Scorecard". This is a new feature.


2. Change the player's current club is the right thing to do and won't cause any problems elsewhere


3. If you click on a player in the search list and then hit the first initial of their name on the keyboard then the list will jump down to that initial


4, When you say you are seeing untidy zeros - is this on the public match scorecard or just in the scorecard entry screen?

Victor Isaacs
May 16, 2018

Thanks for your response Mark.


Item 1: I have added the minutes request to the suggestions page.


Item 2: Ok thanks for clarifying.


Item 3: Puzzled here, if I go into admin and click players, where is there a search function. Am I in the correct place ?


Item 4: Yes all the scorecards I have on my online show dnb with a line of zeroes and looking at this match for example obscurely there are players who did not bowl are shown also with a line of zeroes, seem to be random as some players are not shown.




Mark @CricketStatz
May 18, 2018

With Item 3 - try doing a CTRL-F instead and let your browser do the searching. So if you were looking for John Smith then hit the "S" for the alphabetical page for all players with a surname starting with "S" and then do a CTRL-F and type "Smith" in to the search box to jump to players with surname Smith.

Mark @CricketStatz
May 18, 2018

With Item 4 - the scorecard is showing "Bowling and Fielding" so any player that takes a catch or stumping will be listed there.


The DNB line of zeros is something we can fix.

Mark @CricketStatz
May 20, 2018

How does the DNB line look now?

Victor Isaacs
May 21, 2018

The batting zeroes have all gone now thanks Mark.


I am still not happy with the concept of showing non bowlers in the bowling analysis, just look at the batting scorecard to see who took catches or stumpings.

Mark @CricketStatz
May 21, 2018

Hi Vic, I would encourage you to post it up as a suggestion and we can seek feedback from the community.

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