Peter Andrew
Dec 2, 2018

Catching analysis - feedback


Mark - thanks for the draft report, that provides the data for my Catching Report suggestions on this thread.


The data is interesting, what would really enhance it is a summary that totals the fielders/bowlers involved. So I can see who has taken the most catches off my bowling, or the bowlers off whom I've taken the most catches.


Happy to elaborate if this doesn't make sense.


Best regards, Peter

Peter Andrew
Dec 2, 2018

..........Mark, further to the previous post. Having looked more deeply at the data, my suggestion was ONLY for catches (either taken by the selected player, or off their bowling). The draft reports are showing - for example - run out contributions mixed with catches taken. And when a bowler is selected, it's listing ALL dismissals, not just caught/c&b.

Mark @CricketStatz
Dec 2, 2018

Hi Peter,


I have moved this over to the questions section since you have multiple things getting posted up in the same thread.


I will start with your second comment:


You can filter by FOW type. So if you want the list of catches for a selected player then you can filter by catch as the howout type and then run two reports - one for the player as a fielder and one for the player as a bowler. Combining these two will give you the data you seek. If you want C&B then it will be a third report where you filter by C&B howout type and the selected player as a bowler.


If you really need it in one report then you could just copy it all to excel and combine there.


Also, feel free to go ahead and post up a single suggestion to request to be able to select multiple howout types.

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