Publishing Matches From v11 Software

Use this guide to help you move your matches from our v11 software to our Cricket Statz online service.  Note that you can also publish your historical data online from the Historical Data screen in v11.

Important - the "publish online" function in v11 is no longer supported. If you have any problems with this procedure then we recommend you email your database file to to allow us to do the migration for you.

Step 1
If you don't already have an online account then create an account by signing up for a free trial.  Remember the exact name that you enter for your league/database since you will need that name in a moment.

Step 2
Go into your v11 database. Click Matches and select the matches you wish to publish, noting that you can hold down the CTRL key to select multiple matches. Click the Publish Online button the right.

Step 3
Enter your exact league/database name, your Cricket Statz online username/email and password in to the pop up screen in Cricket Statz v11. Important - please ensure you check the "Create new player record..." checkbox and the "Create now ground, club, team and grade..." checkbox to auto-populate these records in Cricket Statz online to save you doing it manually.

Step 4
Wait for your matches to be published online.  It may take a little while, especially for big databases.

Step 5
Once complete, log in to Cricket Statz online and you should see all of your matches there. You can run all of your favorite statistics reports, enter matches and live-score matches from any internet-enabled device.  Even macs!

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